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TigerSide IGP Curriculum

TigerSide Intergenerational Preschool uses Project Construct-based curriculum.


Constructivism is a theory of education based on research conducted about how children learn.  Constructivists believe that children learn best when they are able to freely explore their environment.  The teacher's role is to facilitate learning by planning child-directed curriculum. Teachers ask open-ended questions to engage the child's curiosity, encouraging scientific exploration and problem solving. The preschoolers at TigerSide are able to construct knowledge about their world through play and meaningful interactions with the peers and adults in their lives.

TigerSide teachers are trained in Project Construct curriculum and assessment.  TigerSide teachers also complete professional development classes throughout the year in subjects like social/emotional development, cognitive development, gross and fine motor development, and inclusion, continuing their commitment to being life-long learners.

Parent Testimonials

-Noah Spaeder


"We are as parents grateful that Zane got to be a part of your preschool and be a part of your life.

"It is an experience that has left a profound impact on our family."


" My son attended TigerSide IG for two years, and I can't say enough good things about the program.  Each child recieves personal attention on a regular basis, and I felt entirely confident about his care when he was at the school."

"The interaction they have with the Neighborhoods residents each week is such a special aspect of the school, and seems to be enjoyed equally by the elderly residents and the children.  My son learned so much at TigerSide, and it was refreshing to see the leaders encouraging courtesy, respect, and caring for others of all ages throughout the learning experience."  "I would highly recommend the program to anyone searching for a wonderful preschool."


-Erin Boster

Parent Policy and Enrollment Forms
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TigerSide Intergenerational Preschool

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